Each Member must belong to a family, even if the family is just one person. Families are just a way to group members together they don't have to be related. Each family can can have addresses, phones and emails. And each member can have the their own as well. :image membership family info.jpg


membership menu functions.jpg

Help --→ Screen Help Not done yet. By picking a family from the left part of the screen the right will show detail information about the family. If there are members, the left part will expand to show the members under the family. The icons will show the state of the family or member(active or nor active)

membership family info.jpg

Examples of the Icons showing the state of families and members. ( the state of a family can be nonactive but still have active members):image membership tree icons.jpg

When you press on the Add Address, Add Email, Add Phone, Add Position, Add Award, Add Badge, Add Training or Add Rank a dialog will appear to allow you to enter information. Add Address

membership member add address.jpg

Add Award

membership member add award.jpg

Add Badge<br>

membership member add badge.jpg

Add Email

membership member add email.jpg

Add Phone

membership member add phone.jpg

Add Position

membership member add position.jpg

Add Rank

membership member add rank.jpg

The events addentance tab will show the events the member has attended. You need to us the events button to change this information