FAQ - How do I move the application?

So you are

  1. no longer going to be the keeper of the data.

  2. got a new computer and need to run Tracker on the new computer.

  3. I just want to move it because I don't have any thing else to do.

Well for what ever reason you need to move the application. The new computer need JDK 1.5 installed, you can go to www.sun.com to get it.

Method 1 (Using backup and restore)

  1. Install the scout tracker program on the new Computer.

  2. on the old computer go to Maintenance and do a backup.

  3. copy the backup file to the new computer

  4. go to Maintenance and press the restore button

  5. Go to where you copied the backup file to and restore that file to new computer

Method 2 (Just copy the whole directory)

  1. You can copy or using a zip utility move the complete InstallTracker2 directory to the new computer.

  2. Create in icon to run the application. Use the same values as the old computer. For Windows there are

Target: "C:\Program Files\Tracker Installation2\Launcher.bat"

Start in: "C:\Program Files\Tracker Installation2"

Icon location: %ProgramFiles%\Tracker Installation2\SysImagespaw.ico